Studio POTES is the work of Diogo de Villas-Boas POTES.

I’m a Graphic Designer and Creative Director based in Lisbon.
Sometimes an experimental typography-designer, having way too much praise and respect for typographers to ever push myself the title.
I make brand/institutional visual identities, books, posters, experimental type-design, illustrations and spatial-architectural art direction.
I’m working either solo, as an independent multidisciplinary creative, or as a creative curator — assembling teams considering each project's needs to a bespoke detail, working in partnership with contemporary artists and artisans, musicians, filmmakers, coders, architects, 3D, motion and web designers, thinkers and makers of substance.

Coming off of a long term relationship as Head of Design and Creative Director at Solid Dogma for the past seven years, you'll see many projects marked (*) registering my body of work while there.

All projects on display are real, being a conscious choice not to place descriptions, only proprietary visual content to present my own visual and artistic expressions. And I’d be glad to share more.

For any further details or work inquiries, please come say ‘hello!’— I’m always up for a chat @

Thank you for stopping by,